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Nature Playtime Benefits

Preschoolers at Tri-Village Christian Academy will engage their senses in outdoor exploration and sensory play because the benefits are plentiful!

  • Nature play brings out a natural curiosity as kids observe all that is around them.

  • Noticing the changes from season to season strengthens children's perceptive and observatory skills.

  • Nerve connections in the brain are constructed and strengthened.

  • Motor skills of grasping, climbing, and balance are practiced in a new way in outdoor settings.

  • Scientific thinking and problem solving is encouraged as children ask questions and seek answers in nature

  • Nature play provides children with the opportunity to explore new favorite hobbies or mindfulness escapes.

Tri-Village Christian Academy is uniquely positioned on 46 acres with nature trails, butterfly gardens, wetlands, prairie, stream and wooded areas for toddlers and preschoolers to experience all the above and more.

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