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Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Preschoolers may possibly be THE easiest group of children to buy for, not only because there are zillions of toys marketed to them, but also because curiosity is so high at this age! Here are a few of our suggestions for your kiddo this season.

BLOCKS of any kind provide your child with endless possibilities for creation. You will find your child enjoys building with the blocks alone, but may also incorporate the blocks into other toy groups for extended play! Blocks make great zoo cages for animals, garages for cars and even beds for dolls.

BOOKS, books, books are fantastic gifts for little ones. Holding a book, turning the pages, noticing the pictures, and pretend reading are all early literacy skills to encourage in your child. Provide them with books of familiar characters, tough pages, and picture books for lap-snuggling reading time!

DRAWING and WRITING TOOLS open children to the world of color, fine-motor control, pre-writing skills and a creative outlet. Providing your child with a work space where messy doesn't matter (like a cheap desk from IKEA) is a wonderful addition to this gift.

DRESS-UP CLOTHING invites your child to become anything they wish! Dress up clothes that accompany certain careers are very popular, but simple hats, scarves, costume jewelry and fabric remnants can be put to good use in a preschooler's imagination. Buy a few command hooks for the wall, and provide your child with a closet of make-believe!

As you can see, we love toys that require no batteries, make no obnoxious sounds for mom and dad, and are relatively on the inexpensive side! WIN-WIN-WIN!

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