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Hello, Goodbye Routines

As you prepare to bring your child to school in a few weeks, nerves about departing from one another may be rising. Keep in mind that anxiety about separating from adults is a very developmental thing for young children to experience (and for parents too!)

We want to offer a few suggestions to make the transition easier:

--Create a special phrase you say to your child as you load into the car or pull into the parking lot (Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to school we go! or sing "The wheels on our car go round and round...on the way to school")

--As you are walking in, remind your child that grown ups come back (stolen from Daniel Tiger) and that you will see them in just a few hours.

--Ask your child how they want to do a goodbye when you leave them at the classroom door. (Hug, high five, silly face, fist bump, kiss, etc.)

--Make your dismissal short and sweet...the longer you linger, the more your child will struggle to adjust to the new environment. Remember, quite often the tears or shyness dissipates shortly after you are out of sight!

--Develop a fun ritual for pick-up where a hug or high five celebrates a successful day!

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