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Family Testimonials

Testimonials from parents

"My kids talk about Jesus with me"

"My kids talk about Jesus with me and it is such an amazing feeling to know your children are on their Christian journey."

~ Toni Musick

"Our child can't wait to arrive for school each day."

"Our child can't wait to arrive for school each day.  The individual attention and care she receives in a Christian environment will help build a strong foundation for spiritual growth and development that will last for years to come."

~ David Brown

"I love getting to see pictures"

"The Procare App is great! I love getting to see the pictures of what the kids are doing and it’s great being able to contact the teacher so easily."

~ Cristan Carr

"Much more than teaching letters and numbers"

"TVCA is about much more than teaching letters and numbers. My son has explored through nature hikes, met community heroes, learned yoga poses, worshiped in chapel, and so much more."

~ Amanda Henry

"I love the amazing teachers"

"I love the amazing teachers.  My son feels safe, he and his friends are super sweet to each other and he is already able to do things kindergarten requires."

~ Sam Pinkerton

"Learning is happening all the time!"

"I would highly recommend TVCA to anyone because of the passion they have for students and the deep understanding that preschool isn’t daycare – learning is happening all the time!"

~ Tanya Britton Moore

"Like a second family"

"I love the personal touch from the TVCA staff. If my child is having a rough morning, a welcome hug is ready to greet him. At the end of the school day my child talks about all the fun he had during the day. TVCA feels like a second family!"

~ Amanda Henry

"TVCA has passionate teachers and active learning"

"Tri-Village Christian Academy has a comforting environment, passionate teachers, active learning and high-expectations for students."

~ Tanya Britton Moore


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