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Why is there a kitchen play set in every room?

When you join us on a tour or attend an open house at Tri-Village Christian Academy, you will notice each of our classrooms contain a kitchen dramatic play area. There are many reasons for this to be included.

Kitchens are a part of every home:

All children have some experience with kitchens in their home life, so this provides a comforting place to act out scenes from real life.

Kitchen play develops social skills:

Children have to negotiate play roles, consider others' perspectives, develop a play plan, explore symbolism and act out typical verbal 'scripts' used in real life. (Example: "Mom, may I have a hot dog please? Yes, after you wash your hands.")

Kitchen play builds motor skills and organization:

Children use a variety of motor skills while playing in the kitchen area. Grasping kitchen tools, opening drawers, cutting food, balancing plates of food to the table and sorting items. The concept of organization comes into play when children realize they want all the plates in one area, or the food that needs refrigerated in real life must go in the play refrigerator. Motor planning and organization go hand in hand as children discover the benefit to having items in the right place for their motor plan to go well.

The list of benefits for dramatic play, specifically within the kitchen corner could go on and on, but now you have a glimpse into how play is the work of childhood!

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